This is how it works:

1) We get to know what you want, then get to work.

2) We will present you with a few proposed itineraries. We work hard to match your budget, time and interests.

3) Once you have approved the itinerary we will make the relevant bookings. We request a 24-hour turn-around time or availability, which will be checked when creating the itinerary, may no longer be valid.

4) We want you to have the best room in any city or region, in every budget category; for this to be possible, we hope you will help us by contacting us well in advance. That said, we will naturally be delighted to assist with last-minute plans, and snuffle out the bargains that often accompany this!

5) To reserve your flights and/or accommodation we will require your credit card details. Note that there will be a surcharge, based on time spent, for handling airline bookings. To save money we recommend you do the international long haul booking yourself but are more than happy to oblige should you prefer we take this on board.

6) If you’re a budget hunter we can charge you a flat fee to create an itinerary in which the best accommodation options within your budget are recommended, the best low-cost airlines for your destination, and an itinerary with the most cost-effective ways to get around, dine and sightsee. Our fee is R400/hour; two (or three, depending on how long you are travelling for) should buy you a great itinerary.

Rickshaws, still the best way to get around India's cities

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