We write books on the places we cover. To do that we turn them inside out, digging in the cracks to uncover the truly remarkable; the places and experiences that make a trip there not just exhilarating but enlightening. We have spent years researching our destinations, so we can plan your perfect day, or week, or fortnight.

Every recommendation has been experienced first hand. We inspect tourist sites, restaurants, side trips and shops, but take particular pride in our accommodation recommendations, because we believe where you rest your head is the most important holiday decision you’ll make.

When needed, we use tried and tested ground operators to handle everything from transfers to unexpected emergencies. We are fiercely independent, and would never compromise our opinion or integrity for a special commission or favoured contact. This is what sets us apart from most travel agents and operators.

Every destination has at least one glittering jewel in its crown, feted, and deservedly famous. But our best kept recommendations include the undiscovered, the untouched; places we experience a special high when finding. Regardless of whether you’re a first-time visitor, or eager to get way off the well-worn track, we can’t wait to share years of knowledge on a one-to-one basis, with you.

Hydrohedonist with a view

Best Kept offers bespoke travel plans to India and Africa, crafted by seasoned travel writers. Years of intensive research in where to stay, what to do, where to eat and what to avoid. Digging in the cracks to uncover the truly remarkable; places and experiences that make a trip not just exhilarating but enlightening. Bringing you the unpolished and the priceless, matched to your personality and budget.

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