We have travelled extensively throughout the world, but our hearts belong to India and Africa.

Southern Africa is home. From the jawdropping geometry of Namibia’s vast, humbling landscapes, seemingly devoid of life but supporting a complex ecosystem (and remarkably easy to self-explore), to the subtropical east coast, lapped by warm waters and shaped by its fecundity, there is just so much natural beauty, and easily accessed. East Africa can be more challenging to traverse (and therefore inevitably more expensive), but there are few destinations more physically enthralling, and the combination of superlative wildlife and idyllic beach resort truly seductive. Then there is India’s spirituality: ancient, unaffected, ever present. The breadth of its architecture, music, food, temples, crafts. It’s unmatched hospitality and eye-saturating daily scenes. We – like so many others – are addicted, and relish the months we spend there.

We have visited every major game reserve, minutely investigated huge swathes of both continents’ coastlines and cities. We don’t visit as tourists, though we feel the same pull. Our speciality is finding the best places to stay in any region or budget. Sometimes we inspect up to 15 a day, searching for those places and experiences that offer real value; once found, we linger.
There are no rules, no checklists; just a passion to uncover what is best in any city or region, in any budget category. We’re not entirely sure how to go on a traditional holiday anymore; one that doesn’t involve constantly moving, investigating, making notes, comparing.
Point is, we love working while we travel, so you don’t ever have to.

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Fishing dhows, Tanzanian coast

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