You don’t need us to tell you that you are unique. That your idea of heaven is quite possibly someone else’s hell. Not everyone wants to sleep under nothing but a canopy of stars, be swept along by a crowd’s religious fervour, or thrill to see a lion kill. We all are touched by different things. That’s why we want to know more about you.

Lots of people promise “customised travel” and “tailor-made experiences”. No doubt they mean well. But it’s hard to tailor with a tiny cloth. Having spent more than a decade researching our destinations intimately, we want to measure that knowledge against your needs. Create a perfect fit. To do that we need to ask you some questions. Your budget (essential as it is) is the easy part; what we want to know is what you really want from this holiday, and what turns you on.

What we do know: Everyone wants the best room and restaurant for their money. And no one should experience another world through the windows of a tour bus. We want you to be immersed and invigorated; exhilirated and enthralled. But most of all we want you to have a vacation that fulfils your every expectation. Because time out is the most precious time there is.

Marooned on Mnemba

Best Kept offers bespoke travel plans to India and Africa, crafted by seasoned travel writers. Years of intensive research in where to stay, what to do, where to eat and what to avoid. Digging in the cracks to uncover the truly remarkable; places and experiences that make a trip not just exhilarating but enlightening. Bringing you the unpolished and the priceless, matched to your personality and budget.

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